Prāna currently offers 2 models: the Men’s Rama and the Women’s Sita*. Both offer a timeless, comfortable and stylish riding experience. Available in 3 colours: Sage, Ivory & Black.

Prāna bicycles boast a robust steel frame, classic North Road handlebars and are simply single-speed. Each bicycle comes equipped with a beautifully handcrafted leather saddle, steel pump and aluminium caliper brakes.

Rama 22” • Sita 20”


Prāna currently offers 2 models: the Madras Messenger and the Calcutta Courier, named after regional newspapers that were published during the British Raj.

Available in either canvas or wool & leather, these bags offer a sartorial elegance that look as good on a bike as it does off.

Each bag has been cut, dyed and stitched entirely by hand in our workshop in India.


India is an eclectic, wonderfully complex melting pot of sights, sounds and smells like no other place on earth. Its culture is so incredibly rich and is manifested visually throughout the entire country, from street art to trucks to matchboxes.

This is where we draw our inspiration from to create the unique artwork of Prāna.


One of the few countries left in the world where signage remains predominantly painted by hand. Sadly, these street artists are currently in danger of being superseded by the digital world.


India’s idiosyncratic trucks are another example of customised and unique artwork on everyday objects. With the rich use of colours, patterns and good luck prayer symbols found in abundance.


Even the ephemeral matchbox is graced with uniquely curious artwork. The visuals that adorn them contain diverse references to religious, historical, pop culture, animals along with everyday mundane objects.