In 1905, the first imports started and would continue for over 50 years until a ban was placed by the Indian government. Since the late 50’s local production of bicycles increased steadily to cater for the growing demand. Whilst the classic British model was maintained, it was also adjusted and improved on in order to withstand local needs and conditions.

The bicycle was quickly adopted nationwide and has since become responsible for carrying not only people, but businesses as well in the form of a mobile shop. These local salesmen (or -wallah) can be found hawking all sorts of odds and ends, from buckets to knives, padlocks, feather dusters and much more.

It is through this resourceful nature that India has inspired us.


The bicycle is the most democratic means of transport, responsible for moving billions around the world every day. In most countries, it’s considered a tool for simple people of little means , which is reflected in its accessible price. In Western countries however, we seem to have forgotten this, and bicycles have become luxury goods, comparable in pricing to sophisticated consumer electronics.

Our aim is to create the bicycle for the people, just as it is in India.

Prāna is about reintroducing the bicycle as it was meant to be, simple and affordable. The idea came about after we were unable to find a bicycle that looked good and didn’t cost a fortune. Choosing India for the manufacturing and the inspiration seemed like the natural choice – the entire country moves around on 2 wheels. The design is simple, timeless and will never go out of date. It truly is the bicycle for the people.

India is an amazing country with a rich artistic culture that has made this brand a designer’s dream to create. Everyday we discover a new source of inspiration so unique that we jump on the opportunity
to introduce it into our brand.

We believe in good design without the high price tag.


School on Wheels is a charity that provides education for children who have never been to school. The organisation converts local school buses into mobile classrooms, bringing education to underprivileged areas of India.

Prāna is working with School on Wheels by donating a percentage of their proceeds. Quite simply, for every bike sold, 20 children can go to school for a day. Customers are also able to add a voluntary donation of their own at time of purchase.

If you would like to find out more about this charity or any of the others run by Project Crayons, go to: